Wood Mounted Versus The Self-Inker Stamper

Can’t decide between the wood mounted stamper or the self-inker? Below are some helpful information between the two stamper styles to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Wood Mounted Stampers

1. The wood mounted stampers will require a separate ink pad for stamping. The purchase does not come with an ink pad, you'll need to purchase your own colored ink pads for stamping. See the Tips & Tricks category section for recommended types of colored ink pad brands. The wood mounted stampers do give you the freedom to use different colors of ink after cleaning between imprinting, making this option more flexible and truly hands on. A great option for most DIY projects or small imprinting projects. You’ll also have more control when imprinting, allowing you to be more creative. Easy and fun to use.


2. 2impress wood mounted stampers are mounted on an hour-glass shaped, high-quality real wood backing for ease of use. It does not come with a separate handle install. No offerings at this time for a separate wooden handle install. See a photo for current product samples.


3. Wood mounted stampers can be used on most types of paper and envelopes, some wood, glass, fabric, ceramic, clay, plastic, or any FLAT surface with the appropriate colored ink. For best imprinting and other important considerations, please visit the Tips & Tricks category section for further details. Overall, the stamper is great for many use but it is highly recommended for your normal types of papers and envelope imprinting only. Experiment to get the best imprints. Please note: results will vary.


4. Wood mounted stamps are good for metallic and/or vellum paper and envelope types, with the appropriate inks. Additional drying time may be required and specific colored ink pads made for these types of papers are recommended. See the Tips & Tricks category section for more information.


Self-Inker Stampers

1. A self-inking stamp includes the stamp and the ink all in one, housed in a plastic case for easy use, travel, and storage. (See a sample image for product samples.) 


2. The following ink color options are included for most listed designs. See individual listings for availability and details. Available ink colors include; BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN or VIOLET. Note: these color ink cartridges cannot be switched out or changed up. Color cross contaminations will occur that could ruin your self-inker and design.


3. They are great for stamping multiple times in one sitting. Possible cleaning of the engraved rubber could be required if pressed too hard or unnecessary ink spots and patches occur. See the Tips & Tricks category section for details and instructions.


4. Self-inking stamps last a long time. One self-inking stamp cartridge can last for thousands of impressions! The extra fee covers buying your own colored ink pad! So no added purchase for an ink pad which is worth the small fee for these self-inkers.Currently there is only BLACK colored mini ink dropper for replenishing the BLACK colored ink cartridges, if needing. For other colors, please contact the shop.


5. IMPORTANT NOTES: The self-inker ink is water-based with a short drying time when printing on your normal type of papers and envelopes. However, since it is water-based ink, it is NOT recommended for metallic, coated, glossy or vellum type of papers, envelopes and surfaces. IT WILL NOT DRY PROPERLY which will cause smearing and bleeding of the ink. Self-inkers are only good with your standard types of stationeries and typical paper and envelope weights and absorbency types. It is not meant / recommended for any other types of surfaces. Experiment at your own risk.


6. Self-Inker stampers are more convenient to use especially when stamping on paper or envelopes for multiple imprinting. They make great return address stamps for your everyday mailing! They make for the perfect personalized gift ideas for new homeowners or any housewarming gifts. Good to have around for the home office, wedding addressing and holiday card envelope stamping with the appropriate types of papers and envelopes as mentioned. They are easy to use and store. Its like a small printing machine of your own! Use it over and over again, well worth the price.


Now you know. Happy shopping, than happy stamping!

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