Definitive Ways To Pluralize A Last Name


We often make the mistake of adding an apostrophe "s" when trying to pluralize our last name for our personalized address stamp. In most cases, adding just an "s" at the end of your last name will suffice. But there are a few exceptions mentioned below. When making your last name plural for your return address stamper, remember these rules.

Add an "es" to the end of last names that end in "s," "x" or "z." For example, Jones becomes Joneses, Ramirez becomes Ramirezes and Cox becomes Coxes.

Add an "es" to last names that end in "sh" or "ch." Welch becomes Welches and Cash becomes Cashes.

Leave a last name unchanged to pluralize if it has an unpronounced "s" or "x" on the end. For example:

"The Dumas live here."


See the chart below for a quick reference on correctly making that last name plural.

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