Caring For Your New Stamper


Properly cleaning and caring of your new, custom address stamp is important for the longevity of your stamper. It will help ensure a more clean, clear impression every time you stamp it! So take care




Wood Mounted Stampers

Store your wood mounted rubber stamper away from direct sunlight, heat, moisture and dust as this can eventually damage the detailed design portion of your engraved rubber. Shallow boxes or clear Ziploc bags work well. However you store them, try to protect the surface of your engraved rubber by standing them on its side or place the engraved rubber design down on a clean fabric or paper surface, away from potentially damaging surfaces that could scratch your engraved rubber design. 



An ideal place to store your self-inker is in an airtight Ziploc bag. This will help prevent early drying out of your colored ink pad. Leaving them out in the open will not necessarily dry out the ink, but storing them in a dry, airtight bag will ensure longer life for your new self-inker.



Cleaning & Care


Wood Mounted Stampers

It's important to keep your rubber stamps clean, otherwise the ink from one project is likely to bleed onto the prints of another and even on your differnt colored ink pads. Ink build ups on the rubber could also occur. A clean surface of your engraved rubber will ensure a better imprint when stamping. Some ink stains will be impossible to remove, but the stamper should work fine if there are no ink built ups on the rubber. Cleaning or wiping off ink after an impression, or several impressions, will help eliminate potential issues and prolong the life of your new stamper.


Cleaning can simply be done using just water(Note: DO NOT use hot water) and mild soap. Use a napkin, paper towel or clean rags for drying. Special stamp cleaning fluids from your craft stores can be used. (This is especially necessary when using solvent inks or inks that tend to dry faster.) There are many brands of cleaning fluids on the market and most will work well for rubber stamps by 2impress. Recommended brand of cleaning fluid is by "Inkssentials" called: "Water-Base Stamp Cleaner". After an imprint session, you can use this cleaning fluid bottle to spray directly onto the inked rubber and wipe clean with a paper towel or clean rag. Be sure to let the stamper air dry completely before re-inking or making any future imprints. This cleaning fluid can be purchased at most hobby stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabric, Paper Source and most craft or art departments at Target, Wal-Mart and other major retailers.


Stamp cleaning / scrubbing pads are also helpful. The cleaning pad resembles a large white or black ink pad consisting of fine hair scrubbing surface or consist of a coarse surface specially made for scrubbing and cleaning your rubber stampers. Use in conjunction with the spraying fluid for best results.


HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: simple household items make great rubber stamp cleaning tools such as an old toothbrush or baby wipes. Use the toothbrush in conjunction with the water-base cleaning fluid or mild soap and room temperature water, for a clean result. Baby wipes make a good cleaner, provided they are alcohol and lint free. (IMPORTANT NOTES: DO NOT USE harsh chemicals to clean your stampers. DO NOT USE harsh chemical base inks for stamping! This will damage your stamps) Scotch tape or lint rollers are helpful for getting rid of excess dust on your rubber stamper.




If by chance your engraved rubber has lint, dust particles or specs of dry ink on the engraved rubber, design portion, push down on your self-inker and lock the ink cartridge in place to keep it open and use a Q-tip to remove the particle(s), carefully. Small sharp tweezers also work well to help remove small particles from the surface of the design. Be careful NOT to scratch or punchure the designed rubber surface.


It is NOT RECOMENDED to switch out the self-inker with a different colored ink pad. Cross contamination and color bleeding may occur, ruining your colored ink pads. It can also cause a mess and potentially stain your fingers and hand. Please contact the shop if there are any additional questions.

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