FAQ: Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and answers.


Q: Can you send me a proof before I purchase?

A: No. Proofs are provided with a purchase only. Please see sample layout for look and design.



Q: What is the difference between the wood mounted stamper and the self-inker stamper style?

A: Visit this link to learn more. Wood Mounted Ver. Self-Inker


Q: How many proofs do I get with my purchase?

A: One FREE digital proof with a purchase and two simple text revisions or corrections allowed only.



Q: I received my first proof, but can I see another proof of a different design?

A: No. Please choose your design based on the template listing and look provided. Your proof is based on the purchased design using your provided text. To see additional proofing of a different design, there is an added fee for the design service. Please contact for pricing.



Q: Can the assigned font styles be changed or switched with another design listing?

A: No. The font is as shown for the overall look provided unless otherwise indicated. To request a custom design, contact the shop with details to get a quote, if doable.



Q: Can the layout be changed?

A: No. The design layout, including graphic, assigned font styles and overall look is as shown per the sample and as purchased with the exception of personalizing the text information.



Q: Will my stamp look exactly like the listing photo?

A: The layout will most likely look the same, but font sizes may vary depending on the amount of characters used for each line of text. Upper or lowercase text may also alter the final proof look. ALL proofs will mimic the sample listings shown using your provided text based on the design listing purchased.



Q: I have not received my proof, what should I do?

A: Your proof is usually provided next business day, Monday - Friday, or within 48 hours from date of purchase. All communication is through Etsy convo for record purposes. Pease log into your Etsy account to see your messages or check your email for any Etsy convo message alerts.



Q: Do you offer gift wrapping services and/or include a gift note/message in the package?

A: No additional gift wrapping services is available at this time. But a gift note message can be included during the ordering process. 



Q: Can the self-inker be used on metallic, coated or vellum types of papers and envelopes?

A: It is NOT recommended. Paper types vary, so you'll need to experiment. Some may work after air drying overnight. Some may not work due to the coating and none absorption of the paper type. Photo papers will not work and smearing will occur. Seed paper or non smooth papers will imprint improperly. The self-inker ink is WATER-BASED and work best with your normal paper and envelope types. Contact if there are still questions.



Q: What brand of colored ink pads do you recommend for the wood mounted stampers?

A: Colored Ink pad brands that work best are ones that are NOT TOO CUSHIONY or soft. Too cushioned pads will flood the details of the engraved rubber and pick up background details resulting in a not-so-clean impression when stamping. Recommended brands are by "MEMENTO" and "BRILLIANCE" or similar. Most of these brands can be found at most hobby stores or craft sections in major chains and online shops.


Q: Do you sell colored ink pads?

A: Yes! Visit this link to learn more. Link > Ink Pads & Supplies 


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